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Healing and Transformation

Brent Phillips' Powerful Theta Healing
(DVD, MP3s, CDs, PDFs and Coupon)

Brent Phillips' Powerful Theta Healing Package package includes 1 DVD, 29 MP3s, 3 CDs, 3 PDFs and 1 Coupon that will help you to clear through your conscious and subconscious blocks to health, wealth, love, and success to heal any injury or illness, revive any career, and finally realize the life of your dreams.
Brent Phillips was a successful MIT-trained software engineer when his life was shattered by a health crisis that left him in pain and unable to work. After 7 years of all manner of conventional and alternative therapies, a surgery left his right arm frozen at the elbow - until he discovered Theta Healing and his arm healed in an instant! Today, he is a Theta Healing practitioner, instructor, and author who has dedicated himself to discovering and applying the scientific laws and principles underlying miraculous instant healing, financial abundance, and loving relationships. He is the author of two books, "Where Science Meets Spirit: The Formula for Miracles" and "Spiritual Weight Loss". He has also developed a revolutionary audio technology that actually reprograms your subconscious mind while you listen to it, a technology which is featured in his audio program "Unleash Your Inner Millionaire" and "In Love for a Lifetime".
Item #1
Secrets of Muscle Testing (DVD) $29.95
Whether you are brand new to muscle testing, or an experienced Theta Healing or other holistic therapy practitioner, this 1 hour DVD is a treasure trove of tips, tricks, and troubleshooting techniques that will let you easily muscle test even the most difficult clients.

This is a physical DVD. It will be delivered to your door.

Item #2
Unleash Your Inner Millionaire (14 MP3s & PDF) $237.10
Achieving Wealth, Success, and Prosperity by Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind

Use special binaural beats audio technology and embedded Theta Healing energy to release your subconscious blocks to wealth, prosperity, and success.

Clear the 327 most common blocks to prosperity and financial success.

Item #3
Where Science Meets Spirit (15 MP3s) $29.95
This audio version of the Where Scinece Meets Spirit book shows how it is possible to directly work with the off-limits, subconscious part of ourselves.

You also learn how the techniques of Theta Healing can create miraculous instant healings and amazing life changes.

Item #4
Discount to 3-Day Live Coaching Session (Coupon) $500.00
This seminar may change your life!!
$500 discount coupon to a 3-day seminar!

Regular price for attending this 3-day seminar is $997. With this coupon your special price will be just $497!

You can attend ANY Basic Theta Healing seminar in the next year!

Learn to heal instantly with the power of theta brain waves!

Theta Healing is a powerful energy healing technique that has helped people to achieve miraculous instant healings and profound life transformations.

People just like you use Theta Healing as a tool to help transform their lives and bring health, wealth, and happiness!

Item #5
Well Being Meditation Volume #1 (CD) $29.95
Volume 1: "Well Being" (includes: one 15-minute track and one 45-minute track).

This remarkable CD is specifically designed to bring you to a deep theta brainwave, which is the brainwave associated with the most powerful meditations, healings, and manifestations.

By using the CD to train your brain to "get used to" being in a deep theta brainwave while you are still awake, it will condition your brain to move into and out of a deep theta brainwave.

This is a physical CD. It will be delivered to your door.

Item #6
Allergy Clearing Meditation Volume #3 (CD) $29.95
Healing allergies with Theta Healing is the closest thing to 100% consistently effective allergy treatment methods that have been discovered.

Brent has developed this allergy-clearing meditation to harness the power of Theta Healing for you to use at home to heal your allergies - conveniently and economically.

This is a physical CD. It will be delivered to your door.

Item #7
Trauma Clearing Meditation Volume #2 (CD) $29.95
Perhaps the single most important use of a technique like Theta Healing is to clear traumas out of your subconscious mind.

Without traumas interfering, you will be able to more directly access your true power and divine heritage to create the kind of life you desire.

This is a physical CD. It will be delivered to your door.

Item #8
Where Science Meets Spirit (PDF) $19.95
This 272-page book explains how, by accessing a conscious theta brain wave (something that normally only happens during dreaming sleep), it is possible to directly work with the off-limits subconscious part of ourselves.

You then learn how we can use the technique of Theta Healing in a precise, step-by-step fashion to work with our subconscious mind to create miraculous instant healings and amazing life changes.

Item #9
Spiritual Weightloss (PDF) $37.00
Brent Phillips has "cracked the code" on weight loss, reversal of aging, and achieving optimal health in this 176-page PDF download.

And the secret revealed is a synergistic combination of elements emotional clearing, cleansing, strategic eating, and efficient exercise which work together to deliver incredible results.

This book is titled Spiritual Weight Loss because it is a balanced, holistic approach to health and body transformation designed for the spiritually minded person. It includes a complete inside-out emotional and physical body transformation program.

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