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Healing and Transformation

Barbara Stone's Soul Healing
(MP3s, Video, DVDs, Webinar Series, Book)

Barbara Stone's Soul Healing package includes 56 MP3s, Video, 2 DVDs, 3 Webinar Series and a Book. In this package will learn how to align the biofields so a person can become fully present in one’s own life, release blockages and install the positive belief and will show the joy and power of reconnecting to our Source energy. Plus much more!
Barbara Stone, PhD, LISW, DCEP is a workshop presenter, public speaker, bilingual psychotherapist, author, and Professor at Energy Medicine University, a distance learning program. She holds a doctorate in clinical psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute and is a Certification Trainer and Consultant for the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology. The topic of healing is very close to her heart, as her first book, "Cancer As Initiation: Surviving the Fire", is the autobiographical account of her holistic approach to recovery from a diagnosis of breast cancer in 1991. After recovering from cancer, her clinical work took an unexpected turn as clients began to bring earthbound spirits and past life trauma into her therapy office. Since nothing in her education taught her how to deal with these issues, she searched the literature base and sought help from many of her colleagues. Her second book, "Invisible Roots: How Healing Past Life Trauma Can Liberate Your Present", with a foreword by Bernie Siegel, M.D., shows how past life trauma and earthbound spirit attachments may underlie many emotional problems that feel "stuck", and introduces the Soul Detective Protocols she developed to resolve these issues.
Item #1
Centering Test and Correction (DVD) $17.00
Centering, the first step for any therapeutic process, aligns the biofields so a person can become fully present in one's own life.

Time Contents
Seven Centering Corrections

  1. Thymus Thump
  2. Heart Massage
  3. Brain Buttons
  4. Over Energy Correction
  5. Cross Crawl
  6. Scarecrow Cross Crawl
  7. Collarbone Breathing
14:02 Muscle Testing Tips
17:15 Proper Energy Flow Up-Down
23:47 Non-Polarization and Corrections
27:37 Proper Energy Flow Front-Back
35:38 Proper Energy Flow Left-Right
41:32 Heart-Brain Integration

This is a physical DVD. It will be delivered to your door.

Item #2
Releasing Vows of Poverty (DVD) $19.95
Vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience taken in a religious order are written on the soul and perseverate into all future incarnations, producing difficulty making money and building healthy partnerships.

This workshop, in which you may participate, presents a protocol to rescind these vows and replace suffering as a way to draw close to the Divine with a new "fast track" to spiritual growth: joy! Now sincere spiritual seekers can choose this path of the radiant joy that fills our hearts as we find and live our soul's mission.

This is a physical DVD. It will be delivered to your door.

Item #3
Invisible Roots (Book) $17.95
What happens when psychological problems and physical symptoms stubbornly persist even with the most advanced methods of cure?

This problem confounded many of psychotherapist Dr. Barbara Stone's clients, who could not shake phobias, addictions, depression, anger, pain, chronic fatigue, and other physical conditions, no matter what they tried. Then, searching deeper realms uncovered links to traumatic past lives, and to spirits of the deceased who had not been able to move into the Light because of emotional turmoil. After treating the wounds of these past lives and earthbound spirits, the presenting problems disappeared.

This groundbreaking book describes these remarkable stories and the methods used to help people heal. A resource for therapists confronted with these phenomena, this book is also for anyone struggling to understand the origins of persistent patterns of blockage or disease. Best of all, it brings the remarkable breakthrough therapies of Energy Psychology to bear on this difficult area, providing an abundance of tools and techniques for resolving issues whose roots lie in realms other than the present lifetime.

For more information and two free chapter downloads, visit

This is a physical book. It will be delivered to your door.

Item #4
Invisible Roots Audio (20 MP3s) $14.99
Taking knowledge from the head to the heart is the longest half-meter trip in the world. To bring these short case histories to life, on the suggestion of visionary Bryan Flournoy, I composed a song for the client in each of the first twenty chapters of my book Invisible Roots: How Healing Past Life Trauma Can Liberate Your Present. The songs are inserted into the narrative, like a musical, and bring a depth of emotional experience to the stories. Read, composed, and performed by the author.

Vocals and synthesizer: Barbara Stone
Stonepower Recording, 2011

Item #5
Webinar Series (3 MP3s & 3 PDFs) $150.00
3 MP3 Webinar recordings plus 3 PDF Session Guides
Session 1:
Past Lives

Link to Dr. Stone's YouTube video "Reincarnation and the Lotus Symbol":

  • Accessing positive past lives
Sometimes the quality we need for this lifetime is something we have already mastered in a previous incarnation. Participants will learn a Soul Detective protocol to find these lifetimes and bring their strengths into the present.
  • Healing Traumatic past lives
After reviewing the indications of unresolved issues from past lives bleeding through into the current lifetime, the group will learn a protocol to release trauma from the past.
  • Healing Ancestral Wounds
Finally, the class will invite any ancestors that have unresolved issues that are still affecting the family template to come join us in the sacred space we set for another trauma release tapping protocol.

Session 2:
Releasing Energetic Cords

  • Curses and Hexes
Many people consider curses and hexes to be superstition, but they will talk about getting "negative vibes" from someone who dislikes them. Participants will learn a Soul Detective protocol which enlists help from the angelic realm to find and clear these problems.
  • Attachments from previous partners
Sexual union forms a bond between two people. When a couple breaks up, energetic cords may remain between them and drain energy from one or both partners. Dr. Stone will demonstrate her protocol to release these detrimental energetic connections.
  • Religious Vows of Poverty, Chastity, and Obedience
Vows taken in past lives in a religious order are written on the soul and may perseverate into future incarnations. Participants will check for any vows currently having a negative impact on their lives, and then we will do a group clearing of the vows and replace them with programs that lead to joy!

Session 3:
Earthbound Spirits

  • Why people stay earthbound
  • Signs of having an earthbound spirit attachment
  • Soul Detective protocol to release earthbound spirits and help them cross into the Light

Item #6
Reconnecting to the Divine (Video) $19.95
This video shows the joy and power of reconnecting to our Source energy.

In a Soul Detective workshop in January of 2011, Charleene Closshey identified that her system was carrying the negative life belief "I am disconnected from God".

Dr. Barbara Stone demonstrated the step-by-step protocol to release this limiting belief with her in front of the class, and then they installed the truth that "I am always connected to God". Charleene released the limiting belief and had a felt experience of reconnection to the Divine. A year later, Dr. Stone interviewed Charleene to evaluate the long-term results of this intervention, and Charleene shares with the viewers how it made a positive shift in every aspect of her life.

The method used for this transformation is diagnostic level Thought Field Therapy, a modality developed by psychologist Roger Callahan using muscle testing to identify the exact nature of the limiting beliefs running in the subconscious mind and working with a combination of chakras and acupressure points to release these blockages and install the positive belief "I am always connected to the Divine".

Note: The first step in any therapeutic intervention is to get centered, and the class did centering tests and corrections before the excerpt presented in this video.

Music: "Only God Knows", composed and performed by Charleene Closshey
Producer: Jeremy Culver

Item #7
Miracle Songs (25 MP3s) $24.75
A Course in Miracles

Violin: Kathy Oyer
Flute: Cindy Robinett
Piano and Vocals: Barbara Stone
Music composed by Barbara Stone

  1. All Things
  2. Love His Son
  3. Forgiveness
  4. By Grace I Live
  5. More Than Anything
  6. I Am Surrounded
  7. I Am Not a Body
  8. I Am One Self
  9. I Am Not a Body Refrain
  10. This Holy Instant
  11. I Thank My Father
  12. Love Created Me Like Itself
  13. This Day/I Want the Peace of God
  14. Spirit Am I
  15. Light, Peace, & Joy
  16. My Heart Is Beating
  17. I Rest in God
  18. The Gift of Christ/If I Am Bound
  19. God Is My Refuge
  20. The Peace of God
  21. Nothing
  22. It Can Be But Myself
  23. Let Me Remember
  24. God is But Love
  25. I Am Entitled to Miracles
Item #8
Chakra Meditations (2 MP3s) $9.98
This chakra attunement, geared for women, goes from the base of the spine up the seven energy centers called "chakras" to the top of the head.

In addition, since the bones of the spine resonate to different frequencies of sound, Dr. Stone composed a piece of music in the key of C to resonate to the root chakra, the key of D for the sacral chakra, key of E for the solar plexus, F for the heart, G for the throat, A for the brow, and B for the crown.

The colors that correspond to the vibrations of each center are also visualized, from red at the bottom to orange, then yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet at the top (infrared to ultraviolet).

So the meditation goes up the spine, up the rainbow, and up the scale!

Track 1: Guided body scan relaxation with chakra attunement (36 min.)

Track 2: Guided 25 min. meditation followed by bells every 5 min (45 min.)

Solo acoustic piano music and vocals composed and performed by Barbara Stone, Ph.D.

Item #9
Love Notes for the Soul (9 MP3s) $9.81
Love Notes for the Soul CD

Stonepower Recording, 2005

  1. Message from God
  2. Heaven Can Wait
  3. Heaven on Earth
  4. The Shaman Brings Us Back
  5. The Jesus Prayer
  6. Breakup Blessing
  7. The Divine
  8. The Newborn
  9. Unity
Nine original compositions written and performed by Dr. Barbara Stone. These songs came through Dr. Stone while improvising at the piano, opening her heart to the Divine. Their messages of love heal the soul.
Lyrics to "The Jesus Prayer" and cover art by Bert Fellows.
All other lyrics by Barbara Stone.
Acoustic piano and vocals by Barbara Stone.

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